Project Management Notion Template

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Introducing "Project Management" Notion Template - the ultimate project management template that empowers you to efficiently plan, execute, and track your projects with ease.

With this template, you can streamline your project workflow, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and achieve project success.

What included?

Agile Project Management - Standard Version:

✅ Project Information ✅ Task Board

✅ Sprint Goals. ✅ Meeting Booking

Project-Pro: Ultimate Project Management

✅ Project Information. ✅ Task Board

✅ Sprint Goals ✅ Meeting Booking

✅ Master Plan ✅ Project Timeline

✅ Tracking Progress ✅ Contract & Payment Tracking

✅ Project Folder ✅ Etc.

How this template helps you?

✅ Master Plan: Create a comprehensive master plan that outlines project objectives, deliverables, and key milestones, providing a roadmap for success.

✅ Project Timeline: Visualize your project timeline using a dynamic Gantt chart, allowing you to easily track project progress and manage dependencies.

✅ Tracking Progress: Monitor and track the progress of tasks in real-time, ensuring deadlines are met and identifying potential bottlenecks.

✅ Task Board: Organize and prioritize tasks using a flexible task board, enabling efficient task management and seamless collaboration.

✅ Sprint Goals: Set sprint goals and track progress using agile methodologies, promoting iterative development and enhancing project agility.

✅ Contract & Payment Tracking: Keep track of project contracts, invoices, and payments, ensuring transparency and timely financial management.

✅ Project Folder: Create a centralized project folder to store and organize project-related documents, resources, and files, facilitating easy access and collaboration.

✅ Meeting Booking: Simplify the process of scheduling and managing project meetings with integrated booking functionality, saving time and ensuring effective communication.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Ultimate Version:

Who can benefit from using this template?

  • Project managers, team leaders, and individuals who are involved in managing and overseeing projects of any size or complexity
  • Freelancer, small business owner, or part of a larger organization.
  • Teams or organizations that follow agile methodologies and want to enhance their project planning, tracking, and collaboration processed

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Master Plan
Project Timeline
Tracking Progress
Task Board
Sprint Goals
Contract & Payment Tracking
Project Folder
Meeting Booking


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Project Management Notion Template

41 ratings
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